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Keyfobs #5 Model K (Gold)

This prox contactless Em-Marine/Mifare keyfob is made of genuine multi-layer carbon. One side features a Chameleon logo of nickel with a jewellery-grade resin finish. The other side is made of multi-layer carbon.

Mifare access keyfob contains a UID number and rewritable memory. When all memory cells are used properly, it is protected from copying to enhance security. This keyfob can be used at high-security facilities, for paid areas and time management at your enterprise.

EM-Marine keyfobs have unique identification numbers and a memory capacity of 64 bytes and higher. This chip is open for reading and, thus, is unprotected. Such key fobs are easy to read and copy. It is suitable for low-security facilities and is popular for residential complexes, houses, offices.

Office Buildings
You can choose an intercom suitable for your project from among those presented on our website, or order from us the development of an individual design, for your unique project
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